my first 'A'

Georgina and I <3
OMG, i am so happy and proud of my self, me Alice got an 'A' in Health and Social Care, this is my first ever 'A', it was a re-sit from year 10 i got a 'D' the first time pretty big jump isn't it ? yeah well i got a hug off my teacher and i was like what ? and she told me and i literally jumped up and down all i could hear was Georgie laughing at me :L then i ran out picked Georgie up and spun her around a few times :) I am so happy, but i did get a 'D' in my year 11 exam :( but i can re-sit and do the same and get better :) I also got A 'B' and a 'C' in my Science that has made me mega happy also
Its actually give me a massive boost, the fact that i can actually do soo much better if i try, i think i will be trying so much harder from now on !! 
I am so lucky this past week, getting amazing results in my exam ( well they are to me ), getting a lovely new boyfriend and my mum ordering me a new phone because off my results, i hope nothing messes this up i am truly ecstatic.
I am spending the night with Ryan tonight, then doing art tomorrow while he watches TV haha, and then i'm meeting Georgie and Poppy on the evening doing a work out DVD while we eat the doughnuts that my mother stupidly bought us haaha, and then me and Georgie are watching Shutter Island, i hear its pretty good :) 
Have a nice weekend guys I know i won't stop smiling :) 

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