29th and 30th of March

Day 29 - the most recent dream that you remember : probably my recurring nightmare of being pregnant, but like all of it most recent i think i "made" the baby in the bathroom and then i was pregnant and had the baby and i was terrible at looking after him/her :(. but i really have the weirdest dreams ever like the time that i had a dream that a cow grew hands instead of hoofs and then started punching me, i was terrified !

Day 30 - what you prefer to write with : A black pen.



28th of March

Day 28 - write about whats more often in your mind : My boyfriend most likely, he is amazing he's so lovely to me everything reminds me off him, i miss him all the time even though i see him about 5 out of  7 days of the week. Thee best boyfriend i have ever had, he cooks for me and pays for everything for me even though he is job less. I feel like part of his family, he has a lovely family :) 
I love you Ryan.


27th of March

Day 27 - a list of things you're good and bad at
I'm questionably good at...
- eating a considerable amount
- giving advise
- spending all my money
- but i'm good at saving when i want something 
- putting my contact lenses in
- making pasta 
- taking forever to do my make-up
- hiding my emotions
i'm not really good at anything really.

I am bad at...
- Time keeping
- Being with children
 - English 
- Sports
- Sex & sexual things
- Cooking / Baking
- Diets
- Taking photographs / being photographed
- I kind of just blurt things out and don't really think if it will hurt peoples feelings
- Doing my hair
- Wring blogs
- Spelling
- Being a good girlfriend
- Watching horror movies
I'm bad at a fair few things but if i had the time i could think of plenty more.



25th and 26th of March

Day 25 - your favourite flavour ice-cream : ummm... i'm boring and plain but has to be vanilla NOM <3

Day 26 - your favourite thing to get at a restaurant : i like to get the most expensive thing because you know it'll take effort for them to make, so they cannot just pop it into a microwave and give it you. 

droooool :')


24th of march

Day 24 - your plans after high school/collage : Well first i plan on going to sixth form, doing phycology, chemistry and film studies. i'm dreading it because i will struggle a lot ! then i just plan on going to university, god knows what doing... i kind off take it as it comes but i want to do well for my self bring my children up right, but to be honest i would love just to be a house wife :)) 


i love you.

i love my best friend very much, but i don't see her as much anymore :( i miss her a lot.

23nd of March

Day 23 - a list of things hanging on your wall
1. A large photograph of David Tennant nom.
2. A 'van gough' style photo of me Hollie Georgie and amy from the arcades.
3. post cards from paris and rome
4. school timetable
5. exam timetable
6. a massive poster that covers a whole of my wall with flowers on ( bit like wall paper really )
7. a porcelain mask from Rome.


22nd of March

Day 22 - Write about the thing that stresses you most : believe it or not i don't actually get stressed... i have never really felt it. So nothing stresses me.




21st of March

Day 21 - your favourite name : i am a bit dull i like traditional names ; George, Anna, Edward ... things like that, i really don't like it when people shorten names when their name is better long. but my favourite name is probably Jemima,no one has it anymore and its just really up beat and lovely, plus it reminds me of 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang' 


Happy Birthday

Happy 16th Birthday Hollie 
Have a lovely day, i hope you liked your present of me and i hope you get lots of lovely presents of Nick when they come ! and enjoy your iphone when i comes !
love you. 

19th and 20th of March

Day 19 - what you plan on doing tonight : Being this yesterdays last night i went for tea at Ryan's, we had chicken dippers, chips and spaghetti letters, yes romantic i know (N). I then wen't to my friend Hollies house with Georgie, Chloe and Paige, we ate loads and watched Black Water ( i think ) and The notebook, both of witch i did not like. 

Day 20 - your favourite blog  : 




I have been ill today and my mum took me to Bothams cafe for dinner, it was lovely i had a yorkshire pudding with veg, and then a RND cake and a late NOM
It was nice spending the day with my mum :')

17th and 18th of March

Day 17 - post your favourite poem, song or photo : Well my favourite poem is probably just a Shakespeare play :')

i'm listening to it and i love it.

My favourite photographs 

Day 18 - something you've created :

this was a joint effort with Georgie
this was a joint effort



Joan Butterworth.

This is my beautiful grandma 
i love you 

16th of March

Day 16 - Write about your family : I will try not to blabber on, My mum my dad, I live with my mum in Whitby just us two and her boyf Dave, my dad lives in Rochdale (manchester area) as this is were i am from, he lives with my step mum Ann. 
My brother and Sister, My brother Sam is 21 and recently moved into is own flat on his own and he still lives in Rochdale. My sister Katy is 19 she recently moved out and she lives in a flat in Whitby with her boyfriend Mike.
All off my other family, My Aunty Becky and Aunty Kay, my Uncle John and Uncle Pete plus children that consist of Jack Lizzie Lucy and Joe. They all live back in Rochdale also ; this is my mums side of the family, i don't know my dads at all i could walk past them in the street and not notice them, harsh but true.
My Grandma and Granddad from my dads side died before i was born and when i was  a wee baby. 
My Grandma from my mums side died about 5 years ago and My granddad i do not talk to often but he has a wife Julie and they both live in Rochdale. 
I have other family but this is the people i will talk about. As you can see my life is pretty grim when it comes to family, i see no one ever, the last time i saw my dad was about 7 months ago maybe ( this is not his fault there are personal reasons i don't want to talk about ) but i miss my dad he's amazing, i will see him on the 8th of April i am VERY excited :)
well i think i have waffled enough byeeee 


15th of March

Day 15 - write about your best friend or the best friend you've ever had : Georgie Smith. Short and simple, she is amazing, beautiful, i trust her with my life, i go to her first for everything, i tell her everything she knows me inside out, i have the most fun with her, she is supportive off everything i do she is just my best friend. 


i love

these two are me in my friend Tobi's Gilet
this is the Gilet i am getting

About two months ago if you asked me "would you get anything Jack Wills " i would have said " No its a waste of money " but now i think that the clothes have got better i think they are lovely now, and i am investing in a lovely gilet as i wore Tobi's the whole night i truly loved it and they are so warm and comfy :)