26th of febb - 28th of feb

all my clothes are from Topshop but my socks are Elle

I decided that i would wear shorts in February because i'm crazy.
Saturday : I came home from Hollies, thats when i decided i would wear the shorts it was sunny though, Ryan then came round at around 4ish... we watched a lot off films and crappy programmes and then he left around 4am, yes i don't know how i coped 12hours with him, i am joking :) 
Sunday : i went to see my bestest friend Georgina, she is tanned jealous, i had an amazing day all we did was sit and talked about crap i do love her very much. I then went to bed at 8pm :/ bit early ah well 
Monday : back to school very grim, stayed for Maths after school as i have a maths exam tomorrow and i am really scared that i will just blank and forget everything. i am now rushing to do all my other work such a as art that i have not completed that i really should have. I have been told happy news today, but its actually devastating, i have not cried this much in a long while and i hate making other upset especially when its Georgie. Why could i not have been told tomorrow when i don't have a maths exam to concentrate on.
wish me luck for tomorrow please. 


names bond, james bond.

YEY, Georgina Smith is back in england, i swear i have never been so happy in my life :P. 
well my journey to Rochdale was interesting.. didn't really do much but it was nice to see the family, and Amy jackson is rather good company :) 
going to my friends boyfriends tonight should be good it always is.
I have all off my art things laid out but i really cannot be bothered with it, i know i have to do it and i will be killed if I dont but really no. 
have a nice last weekend for the holidays.
byeeeee <3



urghh... just because you buy me expensive things and act like you care does not make up for the fact that you cannot keep promises or that you leave me alone most nights and it doesn't act like a bribe for the fact you want me to move away from my friends. yes i love you but is that because i have to ? i dont know... :'( 

btw i fell of my bed this morning it hurt alot and my legs are a state 
goodbye <3 



i seriously miss my best friend so much, please bring her back. 
i'm going to have crappy holidays, but i think seeing Georgia will make me happy and taking Amy to Rochdale *my hometown* will be an adventure.
well i have done nothing today this is officially the start off my holidays! but i have to phone :( i swear to god no jokes, i cried when i had to cut my sim card, the hardest thing i have had to do in a long while. but i shall get my new phone tomorrow well today actually as it is 12:13. I am a child i am going to see Gnomeo and Juliet with Chloe tomorrow, i'm proper excited ahaha.
I am not usually a surprise type off person, but this year i have let my mum surprise me with my birthday present this year... and i mean i have given dog hints, chanel hints and tv hints... i hope she clicks on ey.
well nuff ranbelingg.... Georgina Smith get your arse home now!
naa night <3 


grimm day

i want my best friend to come home please.


the happiest moment of my life.

Elegance is not the prerogative of those who have just escaped from adolescence, but of those who have already taken possession of their future. 
- Coco Chanel

My mother - " did you see the Chanel shop ? "
Me - " i did, it was lovely "
My mother - " well next time i will take you in, and maybe buy you something "
yes mum i will be holding these words to you un till they happen, i love you <3

2 for 5 euro..

i have done a lot of things in the past few days, so i think best to show you...

but there are just some things that i didn't capture on film, such as 
- almost getting punched in Paris because i had taken a photograph with a gentleman in the background.
- having to unpack the coach by myself as i left my passport in my suitcase.
- spitting of the top of the eiffel tower.. the lady i am.
- a group of chinese men asking for a photograph with me and my friends, they said they wanted memories of Paris... yet we are english.
- saying " NO MERCI " x120392481384601 times to men trying to sell mini eiffel towers to us
- making surprise valentines day cards for Amy, Amelia and Lucy :)
- laughing so hard over the weekend at some amazing people, that i will remember the moments till i die.
& i also made a cake today as i wanted to hehe.
ceeeyahh ! <3


city of love.

l'Angleterre au revoir, bonjour paris




Some photographs that i love.
I'm going to Paris tomorrow, i wish i could stay there for a while. 
Goodbye <3 


4.2.2011 - 6.2.2011

This is the lovely Poppy, we went a little bit crazy with the make-up on Friday.
We went to see Tangled on Saturday, we loved it but Sleeping Beauty is still my personal favourite disney film. My weekend actually went as planned, it was perfect. I got a new coat ordered for Paris i hope i like it when it comes, my JW joggers also came, so i am ready to go now, just need Thursday to hurry up!
I'm in Paris for Valentines day, and i know that sounds all lovely and stuff, but i would have loved to spend it with someone :/ is anyone got anything special planned for Valentines ? 
So its my fathers birthday next month and i have NO idea what i can get him, has anyone got any ideas ? nothing to flashy as i am job less, any ideas would be helpful :)
Auf wiedersehen



isn't it awesome, haha i don't know anyone else that has one already, i <3 red noses 
so my plans for this weekend : 
- FRIDAY : Poppy's, very excited :D 
- SATURDAY : Cinema to watch Tangled with Poppy cannot wait, then of to stay out i think on the evening.
- SUNDAY : Art work and homework :( 
Au revoir <3



massoff mag of Haribo's NOM
This year is going sooooo fast ! but had a lovely day today, saw all off my friends for once and thats rare. Went swimming after school bit off exercise so i loose a bit of weight for when i go to Paris, so i can each a lot hehe :) got back and thats when the big bad of Haribos appeared <3
Actually realised this evening that i actually have the perfect person for me, and he has been under my nose the whole time i have been fannying about with other boys ! We shall see what happens there hopefully soon. CIAO <3