i seriously miss my best friend so much, please bring her back. 
i'm going to have crappy holidays, but i think seeing Georgia will make me happy and taking Amy to Rochdale *my hometown* will be an adventure.
well i have done nothing today this is officially the start off my holidays! but i have to phone :( i swear to god no jokes, i cried when i had to cut my sim card, the hardest thing i have had to do in a long while. but i shall get my new phone tomorrow well today actually as it is 12:13. I am a child i am going to see Gnomeo and Juliet with Chloe tomorrow, i'm proper excited ahaha.
I am not usually a surprise type off person, but this year i have let my mum surprise me with my birthday present this year... and i mean i have given dog hints, chanel hints and tv hints... i hope she clicks on ey.
well nuff ranbelingg.... Georgina Smith get your arse home now!
naa night <3 

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