2 for 5 euro..

i have done a lot of things in the past few days, so i think best to show you...

but there are just some things that i didn't capture on film, such as 
- almost getting punched in Paris because i had taken a photograph with a gentleman in the background.
- having to unpack the coach by myself as i left my passport in my suitcase.
- spitting of the top of the eiffel tower.. the lady i am.
- a group of chinese men asking for a photograph with me and my friends, they said they wanted memories of Paris... yet we are english.
- saying " NO MERCI " x120392481384601 times to men trying to sell mini eiffel towers to us
- making surprise valentines day cards for Amy, Amelia and Lucy :)
- laughing so hard over the weekend at some amazing people, that i will remember the moments till i die.
& i also made a cake today as i wanted to hehe.
ceeeyahh ! <3

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