4.2.2011 - 6.2.2011

This is the lovely Poppy, we went a little bit crazy with the make-up on Friday.
We went to see Tangled on Saturday, we loved it but Sleeping Beauty is still my personal favourite disney film. My weekend actually went as planned, it was perfect. I got a new coat ordered for Paris i hope i like it when it comes, my JW joggers also came, so i am ready to go now, just need Thursday to hurry up!
I'm in Paris for Valentines day, and i know that sounds all lovely and stuff, but i would have loved to spend it with someone :/ is anyone got anything special planned for Valentines ? 
So its my fathers birthday next month and i have NO idea what i can get him, has anyone got any ideas ? nothing to flashy as i am job less, any ideas would be helpful :)
Auf wiedersehen

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