26th of febb - 28th of feb

all my clothes are from Topshop but my socks are Elle

I decided that i would wear shorts in February because i'm crazy.
Saturday : I came home from Hollies, thats when i decided i would wear the shorts it was sunny though, Ryan then came round at around 4ish... we watched a lot off films and crappy programmes and then he left around 4am, yes i don't know how i coped 12hours with him, i am joking :) 
Sunday : i went to see my bestest friend Georgina, she is tanned jealous, i had an amazing day all we did was sit and talked about crap i do love her very much. I then went to bed at 8pm :/ bit early ah well 
Monday : back to school very grim, stayed for Maths after school as i have a maths exam tomorrow and i am really scared that i will just blank and forget everything. i am now rushing to do all my other work such a as art that i have not completed that i really should have. I have been told happy news today, but its actually devastating, i have not cried this much in a long while and i hate making other upset especially when its Georgie. Why could i not have been told tomorrow when i don't have a maths exam to concentrate on.
wish me luck for tomorrow please. 

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