The 14th of March

Day 14 - Who you text / talk to most often : errr I think that this would have to be Georgie or Ryan, i don't think i go a day without talking to either off them, if i am not with one off them i am with the other. But i do have other friends that i talk to quite a lot and obviously my mum when she is here i see her a lot. 

I have had a lovely weekend, i have been with my boyfriend all weekend including friday and today, I also had a few friends round to stay on saturday night and that was pretty good hopefully it will happen again sometime soon! I ordered a new iphone on friday and it should have come today but it hasn't i'm angry but it will come tomorrow so its all good! Ryan feel asleep in my bed last night and didn't go home but because I have not been in school today as i was poorly he has been nice company for me :) I have just done some art work finished 2 sheets even though i should have 4/5 done by now :( i'm worried i am defiantly going to fail ! Well it is one off my best friends birthdays this weekend ; Hollie Thomas, i'm just about to order her something that i hope she will like ! but i hope she has a lovely birthday weekend :)

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