The good, the bad and the ugly.

Well i have not been to school in four days, but tomorrow i go back :( So yes on Friday i had to travel into school by myself to get my art folder, oh my god it was actually really scary walking through school on your own especially when i couldn't find anyone, so yes got my art folder and headed home, Amy then came round later on, we had a nice old chat took some photographs witch are down there and we made pasta, we then ventured out to Sam's to see Ryan, Sam, Joe and Shaun. It was actually pretty dam funny, and watching Ryan talk to the people in eastenders is just the highlight off my life. oh my i actually tried a chicken parmo; it was the most horrid thing i have ever had, ew. Saturday morning i woke up to Amy Jackson ringing my door bell, i then made a lovely brunch for us, and then we tried to do some art work, it didn't go very well really (N). I then went over to Ryans, were we watched a lot of films, they consisted of " Lord Of the Rings, Fellowship of the ring ", "Lord Of the Rings, The two towers", "Star Wars, Revenge of the sith "x3 and "Tropic Thunder" i think we went to bed around 4 haha, but the thing is Ryan has a single bed not really ideal for someone who is 6ft3 *Ryan* plus me, so i found my self half off the bed with no covers at 7am, i then retreated to the floor where i was not push off a bed and i actually had a cover, yeah thanks Ry. Today i was made something that i had not had before for lunch, Ryan thought he would make up tomato soup with rice... it doesn't really taste of much and i would not really recommend it, we also had a gorgeous cookie his mum had made, nom <3 So yes i have had a lovely weekend with Amy and Ryan, i now need to catch up on some work 
byee byee 

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