16th of March

Day 16 - Write about your family : I will try not to blabber on, My mum my dad, I live with my mum in Whitby just us two and her boyf Dave, my dad lives in Rochdale (manchester area) as this is were i am from, he lives with my step mum Ann. 
My brother and Sister, My brother Sam is 21 and recently moved into is own flat on his own and he still lives in Rochdale. My sister Katy is 19 she recently moved out and she lives in a flat in Whitby with her boyfriend Mike.
All off my other family, My Aunty Becky and Aunty Kay, my Uncle John and Uncle Pete plus children that consist of Jack Lizzie Lucy and Joe. They all live back in Rochdale also ; this is my mums side of the family, i don't know my dads at all i could walk past them in the street and not notice them, harsh but true.
My Grandma and Granddad from my dads side died before i was born and when i was  a wee baby. 
My Grandma from my mums side died about 5 years ago and My granddad i do not talk to often but he has a wife Julie and they both live in Rochdale. 
I have other family but this is the people i will talk about. As you can see my life is pretty grim when it comes to family, i see no one ever, the last time i saw my dad was about 7 months ago maybe ( this is not his fault there are personal reasons i don't want to talk about ) but i miss my dad he's amazing, i will see him on the 8th of April i am VERY excited :)
well i think i have waffled enough byeeee 

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