9th and 10th of March

Day 9 - The best thing you have ever done : This is pretty difficult, i couldn't say one thing i have ever done is particularly special in anyway, and everything thats good has a bad, but i would say moving to Whitby without i would not have met my friends and people i know, i'm glad i did as i would be a dirty chav... so i would count moving as the bed thing i have done.

Day 10 - write about your earliest childhood memory : My memory is apparently amazing i actually remember most things, i would say off the top off my head my earliest childhood memory was from when i was 3/4 i think, well what happened was me and my family were on Blackpool beach and me and my sister were on the donkeys... we went for a ride and things along the beach, and this stupid idiotic man took me off this donkey and put me in between two donkeys, me at the age off 3/4, these things were like giants i just remember looking up and crying, un till about 2 years ago i have been terrified of horses, stupid man who needs to get a real job. 


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