27th of March

Day 27 - a list of things you're good and bad at
I'm questionably good at...
- eating a considerable amount
- giving advise
- spending all my money
- but i'm good at saving when i want something 
- putting my contact lenses in
- making pasta 
- taking forever to do my make-up
- hiding my emotions
i'm not really good at anything really.

I am bad at...
- Time keeping
- Being with children
 - English 
- Sports
- Sex & sexual things
- Cooking / Baking
- Diets
- Taking photographs / being photographed
- I kind of just blurt things out and don't really think if it will hurt peoples feelings
- Doing my hair
- Wring blogs
- Spelling
- Being a good girlfriend
- Watching horror movies
I'm bad at a fair few things but if i had the time i could think of plenty more.


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