Day 5 and 6

Well i forgot to answer this yesterday (N)
Day 5 - Tell a story about your day using gifs : Well for a start off i have no idea what "gif 's" are does anyone ?! so i think i will miss this one. 

Day 6 - Write about your pet peeve(s) : Well i get annoyed very easy you can ask anyone so hears a list of things not to do:
- I hate it when people eat loudly or chew with their mouth open, its just vile.
- When people use text language, just learn proper english please.
- When people are not polite especially old people.
- When people lie, i mean i lie but they are little white lies, i am talking about self centred lies to get themselves out off trouble.
- Wearing socks to bed or having your hair up for bed.
- People who have chewing gum and eat it loudly, also people who call it " chuddy "
- People who think they are right even when they are wrong.
- anyone that doesn't like doctor who.
- When lads tense their muscles, in that way were their arms curl round and they clench their fists.
- When people say " owaya " and you don't know if they are saying hello or how are you.
- The fact that i have to tie a crisp packet in a knot when it is empty.

right'o i think you can tell a lot of things annoy me hehe :), there are many more but ah well .. I do try to look on the positive side of things :)