i missed three days..

Day one - What you like people to call you : Well people generally call me Alice, its boring but i do like to be called 'Ali' I think its a lovely name i would like people to start calling me this but i'm not sure if it would catch on.

Day two - The best teacher you've ever had : Ooo, hands down it would have to be my teacher from my third primary school " Mr Barber " he was totally awesome he was getting on a bit but he was just one off those people that try new things, i mean he took up sax just because he felt like it, i miss him :(

Day three - Your favourite thing to do on weekends : It would have to be to do nothing, i'm such a lazy arse, but if i was to do something then it would have to be to go to the cinema, i have an addiction with films i watch at least one a day without fail and i just love every type off film going.


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