The mood that i'm in...

I am actually really happy, I am so energetic as well, god i cannot stop moving, ah well its fun :) 
well today i have had the day off school as our school has had a gas leak, so yeah i woke up at 8am ish... and then my gentleman friend Ryan decided he would come round at half 8... i am a very lazy person so we laid in bed until around 11, we then play Simpsons monopoly.. we gave up after around an hour because i won obviously :) we then got back into bed.. :) I shall get killed for saying this but it was a beauty day for Ryan, he let me file his nails, put a face mask on him and pluck his eyebrows he's so naive :) bless. So then i left the wonderful Ryan at just after 1, I then went into town to meet Paige, she is a lovely friend we went into town and bumped into Grace and Megan we all went upto Java and I had a nice Coke and a bagel, was amazing nom, me and Paige then walked upto my house we had a lovely chat and its good because she has or is going through the same things as me i mean i love talking to all off my other friends about my problems but she is in the same boat. Yes so we have caught upto speed, here we are at my mac writing a blog. So yes i am in a very happy mood this may be because I have another day off school tomorrow or the fact that I found out I am going for a lovely lunch on Saturday with Ryan and then staying at his house while watching all three 'Lord of the rings' ( yes we are nerds but we like the same things :).) 
I shall see you tomorrow 

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