First post...
Had a pretty boring day today, i hate mondays at collage! i love these photos i think they are amazing ( photography off course ) they were taken a few days ago, i don't usually dress like this but they are for my friends art project she is doing make-up from different times and cultures, i am supposed to be pin up style, i think she has done a wonderful job :) 
I had a horrid exam today didn't have a clue about any off it :( but it cheered me up when i got home and my lovely mother gave me these tiny dolls in a bag, they are worry dolls you are suppose to tell them all of your worries and put them under your pillow and your worries will be gone, my mother thought that they would be good as i have exams, how thoughtful ? thank you mum :) 
Ready for watching Glee now i love it, i would love to be able to sing my life long dream... not going to happen i'm afraid :( early night tonight, another exam tomorrow will be using the worry dolls tonight :)