Had a nice day today actually, a side my best friend being poorly :(. Met a new girl in Maths, she is lovely, i feel quite bad that i cannot remember her name. I had my health and social resit and that was surprisingly easy, fingers crossed i will get a B or at least pass. I have got all of my plans for the weekend sorted,  Cinema on friday evening ; Black Swan, cannot wait to see it !
I actually have nothing to do tonight apart from watch 90210 which i LOVE, but i think i will have an early night tonight as i could not get up this morning. I cannot wait to see my sister on Thursday i have not seen her in just over 2 weeks :( will be a nice catch up. 
This is a photo of a Abercrombie and Fitch hoddie that i love and will be saving up for, or hopefully my father will buy me for my up and coming 16th birthday :D 

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